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 This is Tim Mcintire.


Tim Mcintire is a Boston based comedian, husband and father of 2. And, after you have read this article, you will want to give him a hug.

Why? Because he singlehandedly revolutionised the way we should buy and sell digital media to the benefit of the consumer, artist and the environment, although nobody has heard about it. Even now, whilst Amazon, Sony, Google and the others are fidgeting around trying to work out over-complex print + digital delivery methods to ensure revenue, maximum customer reach etc, Mcintire solved the whole damn problem with a Paypal button. And he did it whilst being damn damn funny.

About 2 years ago, I came across “The Reverend” Tim Mcintire. I spotted his website almost by accident. The first thing I noticed was that Tim was hosting roughly half of his album “Poor Impulse Control” freely on the front page of his website, with an invitation to buy the album through Paypal (the CD would then come through the post.)

Being the kind of dude who would pay nothing for Radiohead’s new album, I senmt him no cash, downloaded the mp3s and cackled like a cock to the superb (self-produced) tracks Mcintire had to offer. A little Bill Hicks, a little weary father, a lot of charm. I though it was great.

A few weeks later, Mcintire released the remaining tracks on Poor Impulse Control for free on his site. The reason? Mcintire had sold out of the CDs, and from now on the whole shebang was free. He had an optional Paypal donation for “the beer fund”, other than that, I was free to help my damn self to this dude’s content. It was great.
So great in fact that Mcintire became the first comedian I sent a Paypal donation to. Nay, the first person ever. I sent through a donation (it automatically added postage, but I gave an amount that meant that even with postage, it was the amount I wanted to give him.)

It felt good.

Tim ended up contacting me, refunding my postage and apologising for this “error.” I immediately sent it back explaining that it was all for him. And that I thought he was great.

Tim brought out a new CD a few months later. I bought it immediately. When I got the CD through, there it was. An original CD of his first “sold out” release. For free. Because he’s such a dude. Signed? You betcha.

Enough of the anecdote. Let’s consider what Tim’s done in the CD marketplace. so to produce Poor Impulse Control, there were costs. Recording, printing, design, shipping etc. Being an up and comer, the CD riun was limited to enough copies to sell at venues, plus over the net. Once he was out of it, the physical CD has gone, but the content still remain, thanks to digital STUFF like the internets.

So right as he has made his return on the original invesment, the artist drops the cost of the product electronically to zero, gives a choice to pay and hosts it online for the whole world.

Now, with no outgoing costs (I mean he already pays web hosting fees), everything and anything the artist gets is pure profit. So even though some users will pay nothing for the content, the profit rises as the likelyhood of the sale slips away from 100% (CD order) to possible (download and optional payment.)

You only have to compare what Radiohead did recently. It works. And it’s good for the envieronment. And you have to remember that Tim did it first.

Meanwhile, Tim now offers full streams and downloads of BOTH albums on his site. The man is way ahead of even the most tech-savvy comedians out there.

Merry Christmas Tim! Here’s to you and yours.

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