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As of 21st October a funding drive onĀ has raised over 48K Pounds Sterling (Sorry, no pound sign on this $hitty keyboard) to run an ad campaign in January 2009 on London’s Bendy Buses with a simple, yet effective, message seen all too rarely:

Despite an article in August in the Daily Telegraph claiming athesist didn’t reach their goal, within a few hours of the Campaign opening, the heathen unbelievers had raised enough moolah to piss of Stephen Green and Christian Voice forever. LOL.

Amongst the noted contributors were TV’s Charlie Brooker, a certain “Steve G” (we presume NOT Stephen Green?), Mars Attacks (the movie? Cruel parents perhaps?) and one Russell’s Teapot, along wioth the comment “I watch you and all of your deeds from space.”

This last one was hailed by critics of Atheism as “a real result”, thus proving the existence of the small teapot in outer space, and therefore the refutation of the notion that the burden of proof of the non-existence of God lies with the person NOT believing it, rather than the person asserting it.

The invisible pink unicorn was not available for comment.


There’s a fascinating play doing the rounds in London at the moment, courtesy of the Arcola Theatre in East London. The play, called The Blind, by Maurice Maeterlinck, is about blind people.

This production, by up and coming director Jack McNamara (the man behind Don Delillo’s Valparaiso’s UK premiere in 2006) also features an entirely blind cast.

In a play that, as many critics put it, scopes the restrictions and limitations we all face or impose/have imposed on ouselves in society, or even microcosmically within small groups, the live rendering of the action with real-life blind people powerfully reflects the divide between characters, as well as the divide between audience and actors. By definition, the audience can see – well, in terms of their role, maybe some of them ARE blind.

However, one thing is certain – the “fourth wall” between stage and seat is made almost palpable by the fact that as you stare into the actor’s space, no-one is staring back.

Or if they are, they wouldn’t know it.

Here’s a piece that ran on ABC in Australia featuring interviews with McNamara and Tim Gebbels.

The Blind is playing at The Arcola, London.

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