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I never especially liked Jeremy beadle. In fact, his work on Beadle’s About and You’ve Been Framed was positively toe-curling. Every eye-winking pun that preceded every clip made me almost throw my salted almonds at the telly. He was like Richard Whiteley without the absurd tie, but WITH a very small hand. That’s right, world. I went there.

But that was the beauty of Jeremy. Like Richard Whiteley, he was not hung up on being laughed at, and seems to have actively sought out a cheesy image. That, after all, is one aspect of being a true entertainer.

Weirdly, after a life of pretty much tolerating Beadle the same way you tolerate your friend who believes absurd things because their religion tells them so, I’ll actually miss the old mental. A look at his credits will reveal how active he was behind the scenes in television, how much charity work he did. The man was a saint. Probably more so to his family. Who unfortunately survive him.
I came to the UK when I was about ten years old. Beadle, and a closeted Andi Peters (in more than one sense, ho-dee-ho-ho) were the first recognisable and therefore friendly faces of British TV. And as much as I grew to outgrow Beadle’s belabored puns and odd smile, he remained a stalwart of British TV; even when he published his extensively self-parodying autobiography that was hilarious for all the wrong reasons, we all secretly knew he was OARSOME (sic.)

Jeremy – Farewell. I wish I’d sent you MY home video. Tell you what, when I die I’ll bring it with me.

If I can find it.

TV presenter Jeremy Beadle dies, aged 59 – Times Online


This is sad.

After the revelation that Ledger had been taking Ambien/StilNox, this ‘joke’ appeared on PleaseGodNo today. It seems that the phrase “too soon?” no longer seems to apply. Not that I can imagine any time being right for this kind of joke.

There’s a difference between pushing an envelope and being a heartless prick.


One IDIOT on the site rants:

heath ledger’s death is all part of a viral campaign for the new batman movie. promotions for the dark knight have included coordinates to places in america to meet up for special gatherings for the film and defaced websites and the usual ARP related games. this is no different. when the film is released, the joker’s biggest prank of all will be revealed and he will indeed laugh at the fools who believed this.

That’s right – we’re all the subject of this “joke”in which a young father dies leaving a daughter and a grieving family behind (whose public statement is really CONVINCING – wow, a family of actors…)and it’s all to sell a film. Twankunt.

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