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The Archbishop of Canterbury popped up in his halloween hat today and said the nativity and virgin birth of Jesus was a ‘legend’. Something people in the sane world has been saying since they were born.

The irony is laughable of course.

For centuries people are told that in order to be a good Christian, Muslim etc you need to believe all the associated dogma of talking snakes, pillars of salt, the first five books of the book we believe in is the same as the first five books those guys believe in but after that it changes and we are right and they are going to hell…

Then, with all the arrogrance of a loan shark who tells you ‘hey I said pay all of it back but actually forget the last thousand’, religious figues (ie: people who hold positions in the church but at the end of the day are just people) pop out and tell you that certain bits of the stuff you were coerced into believing don’t matter anymore?

The Pope did it a few years ago with the ‘idea’ of limbo (that’s all it is – an idea dreamed up by people who keep you in line through obedience and guilt)

Never mind your personal beliefs, no system of beliefs simply changes for no reason other than either whim (the latest revivion) or incredibility (no-one actually believes in limbo anymore because it’s STUPID, so the church simply shrugs and says ‘OK you got us – but you still have to believe all the other stuff tiol we revise that. GET IN LINE AND EAT SOME BREAD THAT ACTUALLY TURNS INTO THE FLESH OF JESUS.’

A lot of relious monotheists contend that Science is not a stabvle belief system because we were wrong about certain things, and theories get revised etc etc.

Well, let’s hope they spot the irony. That whilst science lets itself be revised due to evidence, religion lets itself be revised because some old dude told you so.

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