Fact: Alice in Chains is more important than your family.

This week Jerry and the gang released the very first snippet from 2009’s Alice in Chains Album, as yet untitled – a stray riff embedded in the Week 6 studio footage which can be found here.

It’s a a facestomping cracker of a track that instantly reminds you what great fun the band was in its heyday.  Heck even towards the last breath of the original line-up the band put out great unparalleled tracks, all two of them in 6 years. Give me that over 6 years of radio-friendly horseshit any day.

Just that 10 second snippet hands-down beats GnR’s overbloated but passable “Chinese Democracy.”

Apparently William DuVall coughed slightly during a rehearsal too, and that ended up being better than “The Spaghetti Incident?” But Guns ‘n Roses fans all agree on that anyway.

Then things got spectacular, as Sean Kinney clipped a corner with his car on the way back from the studio.  Everyone at the scene agreed it was the best piece of percussion since Cyro Baptista’s “Beat the Donkey”.

The album’s gonna fucking rock.