Our favourite obese chap is back in the news. Manuel “Refer to me in the plural” Uribe, fat Mexican, is getting married (presumably to a lady who doesn’t mind the use of a wheelbarrow on dates.)

Uribe garnered “fame” as the world’s fattest “man”. I wonder if he did it for the Guinness title? Oh come on. He did it for the cheese covered chocolate bars…

Uribe’s desire is to be able to stand on his wedding day, which is the polar opposite of everybody else’s desire, but whatever, we are talking about a man who has spent most of his life just lying there like a fatty bean-bag, so getting up is probably the equivalent of going to a Theme Park for 9 Years straight. Good for him. It will be.

No wedding cake for you. Or a first dance for that matter. Or getting into or out of anywhere that only has doors and not some kind of vast industrial loading dock.

But seriously, all the best.

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