I’ve been a fan of satirical website Newsbiscuit since they wrote this article on how London would be constantly reminding the French it lost the 2012 Olympics as part of its media campaign.

Well if the site’s to be believed (which, given headlines such as ‘Archbishop of Canterbury Converts to Islam’, and ‘New UK Driving Test to be Based on GTA IV’ is pretty hard to do, at least with a straight face), the gang have been asked by BBC Radio 4 to write a sketch show.

Fascinatingly it looks possible that anonymous contributers’ work will get included – if regularly featured on the front page of Newsbiscuit via the contribution and voting system. the BBC prophetically covered the site in this interview in 2006.

Tickets are available for the actual show here. It’s in July. Wish I’d bothered to write for them.

Visit the site regularly and enrich your life.

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