Chris Morris, satirist, genius behind Brass Eye and The Day Today, as well as the darkly awesome Blue Jam radio show, broke cover recently, in the most unlikely place. Cern Labs.

Morris fans will not be surprised to hear Morris talk intelligently about particle physics. The man, a zoology graduate and all-round godbox, has always had a broad command of many areas of science and literature, as is evident from the (admittedly multi-author penned) narratives delivered in his various shows.

Morris, whose visit to CERN also has a Flickr photostream attached to it, spends no time at all on Morris’ career and goes straight to an explanation of the Hadron collider (I think. I dropped particle physics after primary school.)

Also on the link above is a podcast with Simon Munnery and Kevin Eldon, leading me to worry whether soon Carrot Top will be asked along to Cern, where he’ll whack a watermelon over some big red button…(yes I know CERN doesn’t have any dangerous radioactive explosives.)

For more on Morris and his shows, click all these links. On The Hour fans will also be thrilled to hear that the series will get a full CD release, according to an interview with Neil from Cook’d and Bomb’d and Armando Iannucci (one of the big brains behind the big face of British satire since the late 80’s.)