Dave Eggers is the man.

Who else could write a book called “A Heartbreaking work of staggering Genius” and be right about it? Eggers’ Millenial work opened my eyes to his good worls and his publishing efforts that should be hunted down and, according to the official line “viciously subscribed to in the face many times over.” I made that up.

Eggers is one of those people the world desperately misses since the days that true love of literature was much more common than now. In his still annoyingly young life Dave has, with other luminaries of modern literature and culture such as his wife Vendela Vida, produced an independent publishing company called McSweeneys (reportedly named after an odd neighbour Chez Eggers) an incredibly diverse magazine called The Believer (no not the Garth Brooks fan rag) and the McSweeney’s Quarterly journal, which features, along with new writing, such oddities as letters written to the Ray Charles fan club (wonder how he read them), book covers that fold out into posters and magnetic compilation books that detach into miniature books.

Perhaps his most important contribution to his own native You-ess-of-ay is 826 Valencia. To explain these further, and new developments is Eggers, care of the fantastic TED site.

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