It’s still night time for most of the world, but in Australia it’s 10 am. Today protests against the flat out nutty Church of Scientology are planned in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth (via And I can’t wait to see the results of these, and those planned around the world.

And even if three men and a goat arrive and say nothing for two minutes before going back to their one house, the great thing is there can be no such thing as failure in this endeavour. When the first video from Anon went up on Youtube, one commented said “newsflash – you ain’t gonna do shit.” well, less than a week later, and the CoS site down, thousands of pages of training manuals and secret documents leaked, the official telephone greeting of the church changed to the theme from the Fresh Prince of Belair, and the entire 2007 CoS DVD released on piratebay for the benefit of Lulz everywhere, it appears that that particular commenter was very wrong.

XenuTv on youtube has been saying the raids were ill advised. Illegal acts should never be relied upon. Well, it looks like merely protesting didn’t work – tax exempt status was granted to these douchebags TWICE, and the church has grown nothing but stronger. As Rage Against The Machine once put it; “it’s time to take the power back!”
Catholics – you’re next bitches. I’ll be writing about your systematic child abuse and cover-ups thereof in the coming weeks. Meanwhile rot in hell hubbard cruise and nutty COckSuckers. Your abuse of the human race is coming to an end.