There’s a circular discussion going on talk pages of Wikipedia at the moment. It goes something like this (represented in BASIC computer code for a laugh:)

10 “By publishing the hand drawn images of our Prophet on Wikipedia, you are humiliating 1.7 Billion Muslims in the world.” – Idiot on Wikipedia

20 “No, by complaining about an Islamic illuminated text offending you, YOU are humiliating the world’s Muslims. Except most of them have better things to do than read the talk pages of Wikipedia, you child.” – Everyone else.


Apparently, according to the braying ‘representatives’ of the Muslim community, once again the whole world has to censor images of real human being Muhammad. And it is argued that Wikipedia’s article, which contains images of Muhammad that stem from Islamic texts is transgressing the borders of decent Islam. Needless to say this is utter cack, and the repression of images of Muhammad stems mostly from the 20th Century.

And if you take offense to those Images of Muhammad on Wikipedia, maybe you should ask yourself why you’re a Muslim. After all, those are beautiful Islamic illuminated manuscripts you’re complaining about.

I have heard of people who take offense to images of Muhammad, and don’t want their texts displayed, andwant to censor the islamic religion – they’re callled fascists. And I never thought it would be people calling themselves Muslims who would be helping to stamp out accurate Islamic historical representationon the pages of an Encyclopedia.

If anything, The Q’uran, as well as the Bible and the Torah could do with some damn pictures.

Hope someone comes to protest the following images of Muhammad (courtesy of Google Images, Infidel Zionist creation)

Muhammad muhammad-sp.jpgMuhammad - AGAIN!

CensoredMuhammad Bestrides The GlobeMuhammad