I never especially liked Jeremy beadle. In fact, his work on Beadle’s About and You’ve Been Framed was positively toe-curling. Every eye-winking pun that preceded every clip made me almost throw my salted almonds at the telly. He was like Richard Whiteley without the absurd tie, but WITH a very small hand. That’s right, world. I went there.

But that was the beauty of Jeremy. Like Richard Whiteley, he was not hung up on being laughed at, and seems to have actively sought out a cheesy image. That, after all, is one aspect of being a true entertainer.

Weirdly, after a life of pretty much tolerating Beadle the same way you tolerate your friend who believes absurd things because their religion tells them so, I’ll actually miss the old mental. A look at his credits will reveal how active he was behind the scenes in television, how much charity work he did. The man was a saint. Probably more so to his family. Who unfortunately survive him.
I came to the UK when I was about ten years old. Beadle, and a closeted Andi Peters (in more than one sense, ho-dee-ho-ho) were the first recognisable and therefore friendly faces of British TV. And as much as I grew to outgrow Beadle’s belabored puns and odd smile, he remained a stalwart of British TV; even when he published his extensively self-parodying autobiography that was hilarious for all the wrong reasons, we all secretly knew he was OARSOME (sic.)

Jeremy – Farewell. I wish I’d sent you MY home video. Tell you what, when I die I’ll bring it with me.

If I can find it.

TV presenter Jeremy Beadle dies, aged 59 – Times Online