$8b rogue trader ‘a genius of fraud’ | smh.com.au

Dear Mr Kerviel,

You are my ACTUAL hero. Well done. How did you do it?

So let’s cut to the chase (literally for you, I suppose.) Any bank that can lose billions and still ‘be okay’ should be robbed. All that money was insured anyway. No end users are affected – although the banks might introduce some fabulous new way of penalising people, if so, they deserve to be robbed again. As long as the guys on the street are unaffected, all you did was rob capitalism.

Steal shit, run and don’t look back. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s me holding a torch, ready to high-five you and buy you a beer (which i THINK you should pick up the tab for.)

I know you probably have absolutely no chance of escaping and you’re screwed in all probability – but her this. You rock! Your actions amount to 2 Fingers extended in the air at authority on a massive scale. More please.

Best Regards

Everyone at The Hypernation