A Follow-up to yesterday’s post – after almost 500 comments on Digg, here are the best crazy and profane names from round the world as submitted by Digg Users. No offense to the actual people, all of our names are funny to someone somewhere.
Even names like “Suckmyballs Cockface”.

So here’s the 8 best ones:

8. Steven C Bahls – old college President Biography at http://www.augustana.edu/president/biography.php
7. Anil Diqshit – similar named man here http://www.cese.iitb.ac.in/people/facinfo.php?id=dikshit A Hatian fellow named
6. Gay Love – Chairman of Printpack (http://hoovers.com/printpack/–ID__43085–/free-co-factsheet.xhtml)
5. Dick Pound – (a hilarious book by him features an appropriate front cover at http://www.business-in-asia.com/books/images/inside_olympic.jpg)
4. Rose Mary Marlo sounds like “Fuck em everyday” in Hindi – a nice submission proving that hilarious names are worldwide. A fact that makes me very happy.
3. Mike Hunt – nuff said. A sheriff by that name is found here: http://www.aikencountysheriff.org/
And here’s a Mike C Hunt – http://ego.uwaterloo.ca/~uwdir/Search?uwuserid=mchun
2. Mike Hawk – Youtube video of a speech about him http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=J3qj4KX6yXw
Lucious Pusey – http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/player/profile?playerId=148900
1. Suk Wang http://nature.skku.ac.kr/~acoustic/user/k-sukwang.html
Hans M Barstad – real man, real handsome…NOT – blogged by bethemedia: http://bethemedia.livejournal.com/22597.html
Best Comment by soot:

“You are traveling in comfort with Chew Kok”
The fuck I am.

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