We can live without this until 21 February 2007, and if anyone still cares by then, we can discuss it.
— Jimbo Wales, Wikipedia

Wikitruth has always been a controversial place. When Wikipedia edits something in what is perceived as an unfair way, Wikitruth reproduced the artickle the way they like. Essentially they’re Fox News. And Daniel Brandt (editor in chief, as well as the ‘man’ behind google-watch, see also googlewatch-watch for reference) is like Hannity or Colmes – or maybe both, rolled into a satanic multi-headed right-wing monster who screams ones and zeros.

Just guessing, I’ve never met him.

And in line with that editorial style, when an article on internet phenomenon Brian Peppers was deleted from Wikipedia as ‘not appropriate”, Wikitruth duly decided that the review date for the article, 21st February 2007, would be ‘Brian Peppers Day.” And they reporduced the original Peppers article. And an article about Brian Peppers. Way to rub it in.

Well, the date came and went. And despite growing impetus to have Pepper’s phenomenon status reinstated to Wikipedia (along with the eminently google-able Bus Uncle, Star Wars Kid, Angry german Kid, Leeroy Jenkins, Numa Numa and thousands of other little oddballs who have emerged through the net to garner fame and questionable reputations, alas, Brian fell short of the ‘standard.’

Why not do something about it? I love Brian Peppers photoshop contests as much as the next guy, and so do you.

Remember Brian. A meme – just like everyone else.