I love Engrish as much as the next web geek. From the all-pervasive ‘All your Base Are belong to us‘ to Mario’s ‘Shine Get!’, Engrish is a joy. Even the odd stir-fried Wikipedia goes down beautifully. Here’s a blog with the ten worst (ie: best) Game Engrish of translation (sic).

For those who aren’t yet familiar with Engrish, it’s the cute mistranslations (mostly from Japanese computer games) that most often occur due to computerised mistranslations, or dictionaries written or used by people somewhat less than proficient in two, or even one, language.

At this time of year I’d like to offer a collection of the best Engrish Christmas cards I’ve found on the net. Happy Holidays.

1. Do! Holiday Times!


3. Santa the Sexual Predator

4. Just Plain Rude

Here are some more great ones (pics are a bit hard to read but helpfully the Engrish is transcribed.)

Honourable mention – brilliant dolphin birthday card in Engrish (click the link to see the inside of the card)

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