Adam Curtis is an employee of the BBC.

Adam Curtis at the San Francisco International Film Festival in 2005

He is also Jesus incarnate.


Ok, not really. But he is awesome.

He first caught my attention with a documentary called The Power of Nightmares in 2003. Since then his visionary documentaries, often political, cultural, always fascinating, have haunted our brains consistently. How could someone come out right at the time of the second Iraq War and calmly explain that Al-Qaeda simply was not a global terrorist netowrk, rather than a fractured small band of awful ideological radicals? Well, he damn well did, with pretty astounding effect.

Curtis is a one man Google – archive footage is used consistently and effectively, assumptions we all hold dear because of our saturation in mainsteam media are blown asunder like so many rotting cobwebs. Your eyes are open.

This year, Curtis’s documentary was released with the seminal DVD magazine Wholphin from Dave Eggers’ staggering publishing Outfit McSweeney’s. It’s 3 parts span 3 of the DVD issues as an extra disc. I have not looked forward anything like my next copy of Wholphin since I was a knee-high believer in Santa Claus.

There’s more.

Last year Curtis made a 3 part, 3-hour piece called The Trap, focussed on the history and societal influences of psychiatry. Apparently it all stems from something called Game Theory, a term encompassing the mathematical framework surrounding tactics and gain, often applied to Economic logic.

Scary. They are controlling your mind.

Better your understanding of the things you thought were beyond your control.

Watch hours of Adam Curtis documentaries on Google Video now you worthless peon.

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