There is a certain thrill in learning a new fact – especially an amazing one – you feel like you have gained a great deal of insight into the world.

Like a gold nugget for the brain. A concentrated dose of TRUTH.

Well in the hope of giving you plenty of thrills I have spent hours compiling a list of what I thinkare some of the most amazing, baffling, counter-intuitive and above all TRUE facts out there. Happy reading.

An anagram of “discombobulate” produces “gullible bastard” – with the left-over letters n, o and b.

A duck’s quack does not echo – technically, it “resonates.”

Originally when the refrigerator was marketed to mass production in 1936, the light in the fridge was not designed to go out – it was only after Alfred Pecker of Scotland throttled himself trying to check if, upon closing the fridge the light indeed went out, that . the design was modified. Pecker’s memorial is in central Edinburgh, right next to the Greyfriar’s Bobby.

The colour orange does not actually appear in the rainbow.

Spanish and French have no words beginning with W (other than assumed proper nouns and imported foreign words like the french “Le Weekend.”)

As an ironic warning, plastic for German orange traffic cones is recycled directly from cars that have crashed whilst not heeding traffic cones.

80 people a year are killed by elephants that trip on stools.

If you sneeze with your eyes open, a ghost appears.

The Japanese language does not have a word for Blabfraticule.

Henry the VIII actually beheaded himself to get out of his marriage to Anne Bolein.

The square root of 57 is unknown.

You cannot fold a piece of paper more than three thousand eight hundred and fifty times.

Pepsi was originally made from dead goats.

The writing on the edge of newly minted British Pound Sterling coin reads “Your Advert Here – call 0800 MINT ME”

As of 2007, if an avatar in Second Life commits a murder of another avatar, the owner of that avatar is liable for a 2 year suspended prison sentence under Chinese law.

According to their own press releases, London Zoo has had to replace it’s resident gorilla 37 times since January 2005 due to “mechanical failure.”

On average a man will touch five thousand penises a day, if he has an extreme and untreatable penis touching fetish.

A frog can taste it’s food by touching it with its eye.

The highest amount of breasts recorded on a she-wolf is 57.

Pencils use graphite instead of lead. Graphite is 43% Lead. And 20% hammers. The remaining 37% is unaccounted for.

Al Gore invented the internet.

Global warming invented Al Gore.

Samuel Beckett wrote a 37 second play called “Breath.” No refunds.

The email system is actually powered by nuclear energy. The internet is powered by steam.

Harold Pinter once described the meaning of his work as “the raw pigeon under the rather old lamp stand in the corner of my nan’s dusty attic.”

It takes 47 litres of water to produce a 1 litre bottle of Evian water.

Sea lions high-five each other after a particularly large fish has been caught in their special nets.

Mobile phones cause cancer of the face and hands.

In Taiwan it is social etiquette to use three hands when handing over a business card.