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Little People – a tiny street art project

This is really cool.

Someone is making tiny models of people and leaving them round London as a street art project. When you first see the photos you are unsure of the scale, ort the actual location. When contrextual pictures are seen, further away, or with surroundings included, you get this “Ah-Ha” factor added to the scene, when you suddenly recognise location and size. Suddenly what you thought was an art gallery depicting an unlikely celebration of annoying tagger Tox, see following picture:


actually turns out to be at the head of some stairs:

It’s a great exercise in irony (tagging in a gallery does make me laugh), scale and context. The site is filled with loads of great and sometimes quite moving examples (look for a tiny man sitting sadly on a full sized wedding ring. The picture is titled ‘No’.)

If you’re in London, and you find one of these, or even go looking for them, do us a favour and leave it there.

(Via Wooster Collective)

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