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You know what – you should tear off all your hair right now, douse yourself in orange paint and bow down and praise the above site for being one of the great late 2006 additions to the web like the newly-balded Hari Krishna webworshipper you now resemble. is the greatest thing ever. Times eight.

Not only does it have guest writers like Maddox from The BestPageintheUniverse Fame, and has had the decency to cancel its decades-old print run so we are free of yet another glossy dead tree staring at us from the supermarket wall, but Cracked’s onlineditors (new word, copyright me) continually trawl the web (mostly Youtube) and collate “Top X moment/greatest appearances/least funny video moments” on a regular basis.

Why is this so damn great? Because it’s like a master feeding you brilliant snippets of the weird and wonderful from our collective world psyche as recorded by TV. And you get to say thanks by rating their submitted article, meaning instant feedback and BETTER STUFF NEXT TIME.

For a taster, try the following article.

The 5 Most Obviously Drug-Fueled TV Appearances Ever

Skip past the befuddled Crispin Glover and head straight for Youtube fave and all round dead-guy James Brown (RIP offa that thing) – viewed by 225,000 Youtubers so far. Along with Cracked’s little guide to the giveaways that Jimmy is crackin’ some serious corn (by that I mean injecting heroin through his eyeballs probably), this will have you trousering yourself with tittilations.

We should all appear more high. All the time. Think of the photos.

And for god’s sake read Cracked every day.

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